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Thanks For Following me and like my blog from So long time. I am glad to say thanks and I appreciate all your work and writing skills on your blog. Keep Calm and write what you feel. Have a great year to all…!


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Classic Naked Dance

Brahms-danse hongroise and some naked French dancers

The Indian National Anthem In The Voice Of Amitabh Bachchan

The National Anthem sung by me at Jorasanko, Thakur Badi, Kolkata, residence of Tagore ..

Published on Jan 25, 2015


Hollywood | Bollywood Upcoming Movies

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Selena Gomez Hot Hollywood Actress

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Why Rape is a Joke in India!

If a guy is with 6 girls – he’s a STUD. If a girl is with 6 guys – she’s a SLUT. We Indians have double standards. We love getting offended on any and everything. The question here is why? Sit back, relax, watch this video and think about it. Who is responsible for making rapes a joke in India?  Sadly, the answer is ‘US’.